Customer Care
Grand Haven Soap Company strives for excellence in craftsmanship, customer service, and privacy protection. We have also made a commitment to our community and to our environment. We work hard to anticipate the needs of our customers through daily interactions, extensive research and customer feedback. We are committed to communicating honestly, courteously and knowledgeably.


We respond to customers promptly, responsibly and efficiently. We make it our priority to listen carefully to each customer and give full consideration to each request or concern. We respect our customers and encourage active communication. It is our goal to reply to all communication within one business day. You can contact us by visiting our Contact page or by emailing us at

Enviromental Commitment

We strive to serve with pride, integrity and responsibility to our customers, business partners, community, country and planet. We believe that every interaction is an opportunity to show our commitment to our company philosophies and standards. It is our responsibility to ensure that we are not committing harm or destruction to our planet. We thoroughly research every supplier to ensure their products meet not only our quality standards, but also to ensure that each item is derived from ethical and sustainable resources. Our goal with packaging is to ensure that your products are long lasting and maintain their premium quality by using as little waste as possible.


Privacy & Safety​

Your personal information is never shared. We store and protect your personal information with the use of a third-party security firm to ensure safekeeping and data-encryption. We also use guaranteed third-party banking to complete and verify each transaction to protect your personal banking information. Your personal information, data and order history is used only by Grand Haven Soap Company to ensure that we provide you with the best possible luxury shopping experience . 


Wholesale Inquiries​

Our products are a great way to increase your sales and provide your customers with stunning artisan soaps. We offer excellent wholesale pricing at different price levels to suit the needs of your business. Let us help you take your product line to the next level. Wholesale inquiries can be made by using our Stockist page or by emailing

Payment Methods​

Paypal – Credit Cards - Debit Cards  - Offline Payments



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