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What is "artisinal soap"?

Artisinal by definition means “pertaining to or noting a high-quality or distinctive product made in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods”.

We pride ourselves on creating one of a kind, luxury soaps that are made by hand in small batches. Each recipe has been thouroughly researched, tested and perfected through years of creativity and craftsmanship. Each batch is handpoured and every design is createded as if it was a true work of art. Artisanal soaps stimulate the senses. The designs are visually stunning, the aromas can be sweet, sensual and refreshing and the premium quality ingredients leave skin feeling soft, nourished and smooth to the touch.

What premium ingredients are used?

Our soaps are handcrafted with premium ingredients and provide a clean, revitalizing experience for a sweet indulgence with every use. Indulge with rich and lusterous oils like coconut, argan and jojoba oil. Refresh your skin with artisanal bars that include revitalizing ingredients like freshly zested lemons, bamboo essence and purreed blackberries. Soothe your skin with our gentler bars that include natural and soothing ingredients like rolled oats, locally sourced goat milk and raw shea butter. Every soap has premium selected aromas with sweet, sultry, warm and refreshing notes that will leave a subtle fragrance that is sure to last.

What is the difference between your soaps and store bought soaps?

The soap bars found in your local grocery and retail giants are mass produced and often filled with harmful chemicals, unsafe fragrances, chemical dyes, hardening agents and lathering aids. Almost all soap bars found in these stores also lack the main component of soap- glycerin. Because they do not contain glycerin, they must be labeled as “beauty bars” or “cleansing bars”. These ingredients can cause irritation, redness, itching, drying, blotchiness, and some have even been found to be carcenogenic or cancer causing.

Our artisinal soaps are handmade using safe, fresh and pure ingredients for the ultimate luxurious cleansing experience. Our handcrafted soaps are plant based and contain over 95% plant oils including sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, hemp seed oil and so many more. The rest of the ingredients include fresh fruits, exotic clays, natural herbs, nourishing oraganic milks, gentle and exofoliating seeds and flowers and such more more. Every recipe has been researched, tested and perfected to include the most nourishing and beneficial ingredients for the most luxurious cleansing experience. The soap colorants come from clays, charcoals, plants, juices, oils, micas, and other natural coloring sources. Our fragrances are derived from the natural scent of shea and almond butters, essential oils or thouroughly researched and clinically proven safe fragrances.

In addition to all of the premium ingredients, nourishing properties and lavish lathers, our soaps are hand made in small batches to ensure the highest quality. We make every batch of soap by hand and artisically create visually stunning designs that can be displayed and used as gifts, guest soaps and decorative additions to your bath and showers.

When you purchase Green Harbor soaps, you purchase premium quality products from a grass-roots small business and support local communities. You choose simple and natural luxury and to treat yourself and your body to the best possible cleansing experience.

What if I have skin conditions?

All of our handcrafted soaps are made from premium ingredients to provide the most luxurious, nourishing and gentle lather. We strive to make each bar a satisfying experience and perfect our receipies to do so. We offer several unscented soaps specially created for a more gentle and pure cleanse that contain soothing ingredients like rolled oats, shea butter and aloe vera oil. You can find these soaps in our Relieve collection.

What if I have allergies?

We list all of our ingredients on our labels and in the product description. We do not use peanuts in any of our receipies, but we do use other nut sources including hazelnut and shea butter. We offer several unscented soaps specially created for a more gentle and pure cleanse that contain soothing ingredients like rolled oats, shea butter and aloe vera oil. You can find these soaps in our Relieve collection.

Are your ingredients ethically sourced and sustainable?

We have made a commitment to our customers, our community, and our planet to only use ethically sourced and certified sustainable products. Every supplier is well researched to ensure that their products are safe, sustainable and do not harm our communities or our planet. We try to support local businesses and obtain as many ingredients from them as possible. For ingredients that are not locally available, we ensure that their goods are responsibly sourced.

Do you test on or use animal products?

We do not test on animals. We do not use animal fats. We do not use any animal product that derives from a caged animal or through harm. We do use goat milk and beeswax from our local farms.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Each artisan soap is handcrafted in small batches to ensure premium quality and craftsmanship. Processing time for instock items is 1-3 business days. We use USPS as our preffered shipping carrier and ship using their 2 day priority flat rate shipping service. After your order has been processed and shipped, you will receive a confirmation with a tracking number. You can find more information regarding shipping on our Shipping page.

How do I care for my soap?

Our hand crafted soap bars have a naturally high glycerin content. Glycerin attracts moisture and acts as an emollient for your skin, leaving it soft, supple and nourished. Because of this moisturizing property, glycerin also attracts water. If your soap is left in water, it will break down more quickly.

To prolong the lifespan of your soap, be sure to properly store your soap. To protect your daily use soap, place it on a soap straining dish after each use. Wood soap straining dishes are a great option to store your soap in between uses because they wick away moisture. You can find our bamboo and cedar soap straining dishes under the gifts tab. For unused soap, store in a cool, dry place.

(Grand Haven Soap Company tip: Your linen closet is the perfect location to store unused soaps because it is a cool dry location. Storing your soaps there will also make your linens smell amazing!)

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Grand Haven Soap Company's artisanal soaps make a luxrious and thoughtful gift. You can request gift wrapping and a card by selecting the gift wrapping option under our Gifts tab.

We would like to sell your product, how do we get into contact?

Grand Haven handcrated soaps make an excellent addition to premium stock product lines. You can increase your sales and offer your customers high quality products by stocking our soaps. We offer wholesale pricing at several levels depending our your business needs. You can visit our Stockist page to find out more information about how to contact us or email us at grandhavensoap@outlook.com.

*We work hard to create a quality and luxury brand that represents our beliefs and business commitments. We do not offer unlabeled product or private labeling.

Why use bar soaps over other cleansing options?

We handcraft beautifully designed beneficial bars with gentle and nourishing ingredients that are dermatologist tested and approved for face, body and hair use. Each nature based bar is long-lasting and provides the ultimate moisturizing cleanse for a beneficial all-in-one body wash, shampoo, shave cream and gentle face wash. By making the switch to bar soap, you invest in a premium multitasking bar that not only provides exceptional benefits for you, but also for your community and our planet through the reduction of plastic bottle waste. Every year over 300 million plastic bottles are produced around the world. Only 10 percent of those bottles are recycled. At Grand Haven Soap Company, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our customers and our environment to reduce the waste that we produce. Our artisanal soap bar recipes have been perfected by years of research and development to only include safe, sustainable and ethical ingredients in order to reduce harm to our environment. We use natural plant based oils and nature found ingredients during our creation process and use recyclable paper products for our packaging.


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